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Complete Zombie w/Latex chest & arms & legs

Item#: FW1111

complete zombie.JPG (109229 bytes)

Standard Size

$35.00 ea

Shirt w/ Rotted Flesh chest & 2 skeletal Forearms / Pants w/attached zombie thigh & knee bones. Zombie Mask w/ hair / 2 skeletal gloves


Zombie Big & Tall Size

Item#: FW 5731

zombie.JPG (106199 bytes)

Plus Size

Mask w/wig / Tattered Shirt w/attached chest & body parts / Pants w/ Bone Body parts / Zombie Gloves

Sold out

Classic Vampire Plus Size

Item#: FW 1199

$20.00 ea

vampire.JPG (98413 bytes)

Taffeta cape w/stand up collar / Bow tie / Medallion / Tux Vest / Satin Cummerbund / Gloves



Click Here to purchase Dracula Medallion by itself

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Classic Vampire

Classic Vampire

Item#: FW9972

classic vampire.JPG (87988 bytes)

 $17.50 ea

Taffeta Cape w/ Purple Collar. Satin Bow tie/vampire medallion / Tuxedo Vest w/ Buttons / Purple Satin Cumber band / Theatrical Gloves


Click Here to purchase Dracula Medallion by itself


Vampire Bites FX Kit

Item#: FX Kit VB

vampire bites.JPG (73510 bytes)

 $4.50 ea

Comes with 2 bite marks, glue, blood, and remover




Fangs in a Coffin Case

Fangs in a Coffin Vampire Teeth

Item#: FW9083




Fangs with Make-Up Kit

Item#: FW Dlx Fang Kit

w/ Make-up Set

$7.50 ea

Fangs with Make-Up Kit



Fang Dentures

Vampire Fang Dentures or Glow-in-the-Dark Fang Dentures

Item#: FW8980V
Vampire Fang Dentures  

Item#: FW8980V GID
Glow Fang Dentures

$7.50 ea

Fang Dentures


Select Style:
Standard  Glow-in-Dark


Spider Choker

Item#: HR8118

Spider Choker with Jewel

$4.00 ea




Vampira Gloves

Black Gloves with Gauntlets

Item#: HR1188

$3.75 /pr

Vampira Gloves



Hooded Robe

Item#: 60412

screaming_robe.JPG (57819 bytes)

Adult Robe with Long Arm Design and Hood 

(Mask not included)


Select Size:
Small Adult/Teen ($12.00)
Medium Adult ($12.00)
Large Adult ($14.00)
12 Assorted Sizes - $11.00 ea ($132.00)

Note: Assorted comes 4 per size

Grave Groom

Item#: FW5420


Hat / Gauze Jacket / Gauze Vest / Bone printed shirt / Pants / Tie & Gloves

grave_groom.JPG (65372 bytes)

Standard Size



Gothic Goddess

Item#: FW1491

goth goddess.JPG (97801 bytes)

$22.50 ea

Includes Hooded Coat w/ Gothic Trim & Mini Skirt


Select Size:
Small/Med(2-8)  -or-  Med/Lg(8-14)


Madame Morticia

Item#: FW9935

morticia.JPG (81743 bytes)

Sold Out

See Wig Page for All your wig needs to complete your costume!



Item #: FW9977

$17.50 ea

Caped Vampire

Caped Vampire
Cape - Vest Neck Ruffle - Wrist Ruffles - Medallion


Be comfortable...Wear your own long sleeved white shirt and black pants

Click Here to purchase White Gloves

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Robe w/ Hood & Belt

Standard Size   Item#: FW9937

Grim Reaper

Plus Size    Item#: FW1004

See Weapons for Swords & Props


Select Size:
Standard Size ($15.00 ea)
Plus Size ($22.00 ea)


Sexy Gothic Dress

Velvet Gothic Short Dress

Item#: L8498

$ 25.00 ea

Medium/Large Only
(8 to 12)

Only 1 RED Dress Left


Click Here to see Long Velvet Black Gothic Dress


Dark Venus

Item#: FW5050

$19.95 ea

Dark Venus.JPG (99994 bytes)

Stretch pleat halter gown w/amethyst shimmer trim

Bust tie / choker w/ velvet collar / Cascade Sleeves


Select Size:
Small/Med(2-8)  -or-  Med/Lg(8-14)



Item#: FW5726

Plus Size $30.00 ea

Velvet Gown w/ Lace Sleeves / Shimmering Gothic Rose Skirt Panels.  Collar w/ Choker & Medallion

vamtessa plus size.JPG (84618 bytes)

S/M or M/L  Item#: FW5026  

$25.00 ea


Select Size:
Plus Size (16-24W)
Small/Med(2-8) -or-  Med/Lg(8-14)


Victorian Vampiress

Item#: FW1009

$15.50 ea


Select Size:
Small/Medium (2-8)
Medium/Large (8-14)

Child Victorian Vampiress

Item#: FW8723

 $12.50 ea


Select Size:
Small  Medium  Large


Plus Victorian Vampiress

Item#: FW1083


Victorian Vampiress
Plus Size Set includes:
Gothic Gown w/ lace up Bodice / Drape Sleeves - Choker - Stand-up collar

victorian vampiress.JPG (116384 bytes)

Fits 16 - 24W


Click Here to see the Victorian Vampiress Dlx Bee Hive Wig

Count Gustavo

Item#: R15518

Count Gustovo Costume

 $20.00 ea

Includes Shirt w/attached Vest / Jabot / Medallion / Cape


Click Here for Gloves. Gloves Sold Separately.

Black Hooded Robe

Black Hooded Horror Robe w/ Tie Waist available in Standard Adult Size

Item#: FW9936

Horror Robe

 $11.95 ea



Plus Sirena The Spellbinder

Item#: R17215

sirena.JPG (66256 bytes)

Full Figure fits sizes 14-20
Includes Caftan, belt & collar

 $25.00 ea



Plus Skeleton Bride

Item#: FW 1081

skeleton bride.JPG (80875 bytes)

$25.00 ea

 2 Tone Lace up Gown / Lace Gloves - Veil - Choker

Fits size 16-24W



Gretchen the Witch
Full Figure

Item#: R17205

gretchen.JPG (87751 bytes)

Caftan Cape/Skirt & belt

Bonus Black Witch Hat included

Fits Size 14-20

Hat Sold Separately also. See Halloween Hats


Select Packaging:
Individual - $25.00 ea
4 - $20.00 ea ($80.00)


Sorceress Gown

Item#: C8537

Suggestions: Mix w/ Sorceress Wig for Elvira Look!


Select Size:
Small  ($18.50)
Medium ($18.50)
Large ($20.00)



Fancy Sorceress

Item#: C8513

Dress & Fancy Belt / Fancy Collar

fancy sorceress.JPG (74007 bytes)

Sold Out


Horror Cards

Item#: R15092

Robe & Latex Mask     $17.50 ea

joker_horror_card.JPG (85073 bytes) king_of_hearts_horror_card.JPG (88581 bytes) Picture Coming one_eyed_jack_horror_card.JPG (92559 bytes)
Joker King of Heart Queen of Hearts One Eye Jack

Select Style:
Joker  King  Queen  Jack


Grave Reaper Set

Item#: FW 1002

grave reaper set.JPG (44246 bytes)


Complete Costume

Hooded Robe, Belt, Rubber Mask & Rubber Gloves


Child Grave Reaper Set

Item#: FW 8730

$18.50 ea

Deluxe Grave Reaper Set Includes:

 Sculpted Bone Gloves - Mask - Full Cut Hooded Robe & Tie Belt

One Size fits up to 12



Wicked Wanda

wicked wanda orange witch.JPG (62634 bytes)

Skirt w/ Over-Lace * Blouse w/ Over-Lace * Hat

Item#: C73160

$ 19.95 ea


Select Color:
Orange -or- Lime Green


Skeleton Jumpsuit



Skeleton Jumpsuit Adult

Adult Jumpsuit with Printed Bone. One Size/Standard fits up to 180-200#)

Jumpsuit Only


Hands, Mask,Feet not included.

Click Here for Hands/Feet

Click Here for Masks

Skeleton Robes

Cotton Skeleton Robe Adult Only


Select Size:
Standard ($18.50) -or-  Large ($20.00)

Hands, Mask,Feet not included.

Click Here for Hands/Feet

Click Here for Masks


Hockey Horror Jersey

Hockey Jersey Puck U

Jersey Only / One Size

Item#: F52870


Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
4 - $12.00 ea ($48.00)
12 - $10.00 ea ($120.00)

Click Here to purchase Hockey Mask

Deluxe Sorceress Gown

Item#: C73068

$15.00 ea

Black w/ Gold Trim

Includes Headpiece

sorceress dlx.JPG (53686 bytes)

Size Standard (6/8 and possibly 10)



Frost Bite

Item#: FW 25019

$20.00 ea

Standard Only

Includes One shoulder velvet gown & metallic Waist Cord / Cape / gloveletts / gemstone choker w/collar

frost bite.JPG (68967 bytes)



Adult Unknown Phantom Costume

Item#: FW9952

$ 17.50 ea

Robe, Sash & Hood w/invisible Face in all Black

unknown phantom.JPG (96482 bytes)

Mesh Hood so they can't see your face!

Hoods Sold Separately. See Halloween Masks



Unknown Phantom

Item#: R15241

Red or Purple Robe with Hood

invisible_robe.JPG (59309 bytes)


Select Color:
Red -or- Purple

Select Packaging:
Individual - $ 15.00 ea
4 - $12.50 ea($50.00)*Purple Only


Child Unknown Phantom

Item#: FW8714

Robe/Mask & tie

unknown alien.JPG (36609 bytes)

$10.00 ea


Select Size:
Medium  Large



Adult or Child Matching Purple Witch

Deluxe Adult Purple Witch Costume

  Item#: 50414

Fancy Witch Dress w/Hat


Select Size:
Standard ($22.50)  Large ($25.00)

Child Purple Witch

Item#: 40414

$18.50 ea


Select Size:
Medium  Large


Wolf Man

Adult Costume by Universal

Item#: HR16389

$30.00 ea

Wolf Man Adult Costume by Universal

Includes: Shirt, Shorts, Plush Fur Hood with attached cowl, Vinyl Feet and Hands with attached plush fur, Vinyl Shackle and Collar with chain.





Spider Web Shawl or Hip Tie

Use as Hip-Ties or Shawl

Item#: FW8139

shawls or hip ties.JPG (75122 bytes)

Spider Web Material in Silver or Gold or Purple Web Design

Sold out

Click Here to see Velvet w/Skull & Rose Design on Pirate Page

Maximum Restraint

Item#: FW1158

max restraint 1158.JPG (34788 bytes)

Costume includes Top / Pants / Mask

Costume Sold Out

Purchase Mask Separately Under Halloween Masks


She Devil Set

Item#: She Devil

Standard Only

 Dress Only

$10.00 ea

she_devil.JPG (66046 bytes)


See Devil Wigs on our Character Wigs Page

Alien Costume

Seibur Alien Costume
2nd Officer Leoj

Item#: R15606

Alien Costume

Contains: Glow Mask & Emblem / Robe with Hood & Collar

$30.00 (only 1)


Click Here to see other Alien Masks, Hands and Feet