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As many of our products are custom made or made to order products, or are wearable items that are event driven, due to sanitary reasons we do not allow returns.

All Orders must be in made on our online shopping cart which you acknowledge your complete understanding of our Terms & Conditions.




In stock orders are shipped out within 1 - 48 hours (depending if we must make or manipulate something or depending on the time of year) of receipt of online order and clearance of Credit Card and Address Verification or Clearance of Money Order/Certified Cashier's check. We process and ship very fast and will only email if there is a problem with a delay. Money Orders or Certified Cashier's Checks can take several weeks to clear.

Once an order is placed and payment is made, the order is NON-CANCELABLE for any reason. Please do not complete payment unless you are certain you want to confirm the order. Should you order an item or color noted "Sold Out" we reserve the right to substitute a different color or like item (if available), otherwise we will contact you if nothing is available.

Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks to ship custom made orders during peak holiday time (Month of October during Halloween or January/February during Mardi Gras) or longer for large custom made orders. We do not generally accept custom orders from Mid September thru October due to the Halloween Rush. Please contact the office for time frames.

For Rush or Airfreight Services, please CALL the office or email to confirm stock and the service you require (1 day or 2 day or 3 day FedEx guaranteed airfreight delivery). We will ask you to email the outline to the office for Rush or Airfreight quotes. The bigger the item, the more expensive the airfreight charges will be.

We charge a minimum of $10.00 handling for all rush same day shipments or Airfreight services.

Please see the Shipping Info Screen for shipping/handling terms and conditions as set forth by Federal Express/ United State Post Office / Credit Card Companies or Pay Pal.

Federal Express now charges to return boxes whether refused, not delivered or intercepted. All shipping and handling charges or Federal Express back-charges are non-refundable for any reason.

All refused or non-delivered shipments are subject to return shipping & handling costs. Refused or non-deliverable shipments are subject to a $25.00 handling fee upon return if the customer refuses to pay for re-shipment and restocking charges of 20% as outlined below will apply.

All shipping and handling charges are NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON. IF ANY MONIES ARE DUE AFTER POSTING THE RETURN CHARGES and herein outlines, YOU WILL BE BILLED AND REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THIS. If after posting of all return charges and fees and restocking charges you be issued a store credit, you may use this for future shipments. No refunds are available.

If you don't have in the Comments/Event date box on the order that we can only ship complete or if you don't provide us your event date then we will only contact you if there is a problem.  If noted to only ship complete, we will email you and await your response in writing before proceeding.

We do not process back orders. You will be refunded the difference if partially shipped.

Large Quantity/Bulk Sales - Large Quantity/Bulk sales (1/2 case or full case reduced pricing) offer substantial discounts. Because most items in bulk are shipped based on the imported box quantity, we can NOT be check bulk merchandise sales with reduced pricing for quality. When purchasing in bulk, it is common to have a few pieces bent or broken. We are unable to replace less than 10% of a bulk shipment. Replacement would require that the customer return the defective merchandise at their cost for confirmation. We would then replace or credit for the defects.  

In order for us to guarantee each and every item, you must purchase at the Individual price making a notation in our comments area that you insist on us checking each item for shipment as you are willing to pay the each price for a bulk sale.

Custom orders (specific colors or finishes, adding elastic or dowels, decorating masks) need additional time to be custom made. Please always indicate your EVENT DATE on your order for us to comply and we ill advise you via email if there is a problem.  No Custom Orders are returnable for any reason unless we have made the error and shipped you the wrong merchandise.  

Please note that because Masks are worn on the face, no masks are returnable for any reason due to hygiene reasons. Any costume containing Panties are None returnable for any reason unless defective.

Special orders are also non-refundable.

If an event date requires guaranteed or rush or express shipping, we ask you to contact the office for ordering instructions.

Any claims for damages as a result of shipping or claims for defect or shortage or claims for shipment of the wrong merchandise requires the purchaser to contact us "in writing via email" within 48 hours of delivery to place a claim. (If a box received shows signs of wear and tear like it has been crushed, you must note this to FedEx or US Postal Service upon delivery.) Please make sure any claims refer to the invoice number of the invoice sent by email when shipped.

Please note that any Wig or Mask which is opened, even if shipped incorrectly, is not returnable for any reason due to health reasons (i.e. lice or other germs)

All Authorized returns must be agreed to within 48 hours of approval from the office and the merchandise must ship back within 48 hours of providing you return authorization number (RA#). The RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA#) given must be clearly indicated on the shipping label.  All Authorized Returns are subject to a 20% RESTOCKING FEE or a minimum of $15.00 if not found defective or if no merchandise of equal or higher value is purchased.

No returns are allowed after 2 weeks of delivery for any reason.

In the event of our mistake and we need to reship merchandise, we are ONLY responsible for standard domestic shipping rates and NO AIRFREIGHT upgrades or INTERNATIONAL costs. Further the corrected merchandise is not shipped until the return of the incorrect merchandise has been received and checked in at our warehouse unless you make a new order and new payment for immediate shipment. Any credit due for any reason will take from 7 to 10 days to post or possibly longer during peak times (Halloween).

If Federal Express charges us a CHARGE-BACK FEE as a result of any address corrections, or request to deliver to a different address (Redirect Service) , or non-delivery or Refusal or Intercept, you will automatically be charged this fee and a copy of the correction notice or fee will be forwarded to you upon request plus you will be charged a $8.50 handling charge. The Minimum charge for any Federal Express charge back is $18.50. If the back charge is not paid to us promptly (within 30 days of billing) late fees of $25.00 per month will post and continue to post until paid. Unpaid invoices will be put into collection after 1 year.

Federal Express now charges for address corrections like house or street numbers and zip codes. If you provided the incorrect information, you will be billed for it plus our handling fee (Minimum back charge fee is $18.50). If we made the error in shipping your merchandise, you will not be billed.

If YOU REQUEST Federal Express to deliver to a different address, this is called a re-direct service which you must immediately pay to us (thru pay pal since ordered online) in order to avoid an INTERCEPT. Federal Express Intercept service is ONLY USED when you don't immediately pay us for the Re-direct service you requested. You are then responsible for all back charges and our service charges...redirect fees, intercept fee, return shipping and restocking charges.

Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks

If you are mailing in a Money Order we recommend you contact us to confirm the merchandise is in stock.  All Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks must clear. Clearance requirements are a minimum of 0 full weeks after deposit for Domestic Money Orders or Domestic Drawn Certified Bank Checks. If you decide to cancel the order after receipt and deposit of a Money Order or Certified Bank Check, then only our store credit is offered.

Due to substantial increases in both Federal Express and USPS charges for shipping, Oversized shipping for props or wall hangings or items that require larger boxes has increased dramatically and there for surcharges will apply. We try to make a notation where ever we can, however, if the shipping schedule will not cover our costs, we will advise you and immediately correct our site with proper notations. You will then have the choice to cancel or continue with the order.

Surcharges: Due to dramatic increases in Federal Express and USPS rates due to inflation and rate increases, we now charge surcharges. Because we have so many different items, we can not increase these prices every time the surcharges and rates go up so we are trying to cover these costs by the surcharges.

Post Office shipments: We now ship all 1 pound boxes via Priority mail as our standard shipping. Many 2-3 pound boxes will also ship priority mail or Federal Express Smart Post.  Priority mail or Federal Express Smart Post is not a guaranteed service, however, Priority mail usually delivers most anywhere within the USA in 2 to 3 days and Smart Post is generally a day or 2 longer than standard Ground (approximately 7 to 10 days, non guaranteed). Otherwise for larger/heavier shipments, we usually ship via Federal Express ground (except for off-shore states like HI/USVI/GUAM/PR. and we usually ship Priority mail)

We are not responsible for delays in delivery by any 3rd party delivery service such as the US Postal Service or Federal Express. Any returned shipment for any reason (such as late delivery or incorrect/incomplete address or refusal) will require additional charges to you for the return and/or reshipment  because all Sales ARE FINAL. No credits are issued for this. Every effort will be made to file any insurance claims however, it must be noted that the USPS does not refund shipping charges normally (see USPS Site)  for their guidelines.  We are not responsible for delays for credits until 15 days after receipt of their payments at which time we will issue you a credit. USPS has up to 60 days to process insurance claims for loss or damage.

We reserve the right to choose shipping services.  USPS now charges dimensional weight for larger boxes making it difficult to ship many items through the post office now, however now many of these items can be shipped through Federal Express Smart Post. We will contact you if your address is a po box and there are problems with your shipment.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or US Virgin Islands or other USA Offshore territories shipping must either go Federal Express 1 or 2 or 3 day air (Alaska now has a 6 day ground service but is more expensive than standard ground to the domestic USA) or via the post office Priority Mail.   Only boxes under 1 pound will fit into our shipping schedule generally and will be sent via Priority Mail.  For shipping rates please email an outline of your order for estimates along with your city/state/zip code for calculations.

We do NOT offer any collect services, 3rd party billing or COD services.

For International Shipments:  please email the office outlining your order and WHEN you need the delivery.  We normally ship international shipment via Global Priority or Global Express Mail as it provides both tracking and insurance. Any delays in delivery or costs as a result of customs are not our responsibility and are solely the responsibility of the receiver. All prices are FOB Sebring, Florida and any quotes for shipping charges are for the export freight & handling only and not customs clearance or duties fees.  We charge a minimum of $12.50 handling for export services up to $50.00 per shipment.  We can ship only to the name/address of the confirmed credit card holder or pay pal confirmed address for all international shipments. International Wire Transfer Fee of $25.00 is charged to cover our banking fees for merchandise orders under $5,000.00. Customer Wire transfer fees must not come collect and if the wire transfer amount received is not the correct amount, the merchandise will be adjusted accordingly.

International Money orders not paid on a USA Bank will require a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for clearance.

Regarding Masks: Trims and colors may vary somewhat than those as pictured. Not all masks and trims are available in all colors. Please specify mask color and trim color whenever possible. Feather colors are limited and if you have a specific feather color other than primary colors, please email or call the office. Not all colors are accurately represented in pictures on the internet.

Any personal or company checks sent even though our order form specifies these are not acceptable will be shredded and we will attempt to email you remind you of our policies.

Regarding Wigs:  Wigs, once opened, are non-refundable for any reason due to lice and hygiene. Our wigs are NOVELTY wigs, not quality wigs. Lost of fibers is normal.  Once you have opened the package, shake the wigs and then finger to reshape somewhat. It is best to leave the wig out flat or on a head and even put it in your bathroom while showering as the steam will help relax the wrinkles from packaging.

Regarding Feathers & Feather Products: Feathers are not color fast and can bleed onto clothing, skin, etc. Use caution when wearing colored feather boas and feather masks and other feather products. Perspiration can augment this issue. We are not responsible for novelty items which are not color fast.

All Feather Wings and Feather Boas will have some feather breakage and/or loose feathers. They are real feathers and just like real birds, they will lose and break feathers. You can repair them easily by a drop of Glue in most instances. We can not guarantee a few broken feathers or a few loose feathers. Most wings come with Elastic Shoulder straps which are glued. If they come out, you can easily re-glue them.
If an item requires re-gluing we do not consider this defective but maintenance.

Regarding Costumes: Most costumes can be hand washed in delicate soap and hung dry. If you repair as needed and take care of your costume, it will last. Components which are glued on can easily be re-glued. Re-gluing a component is not considered defect, but maintenance. Costume with defects (sewn improperly or missing components) must state the claim within 48 hours of delivery in writing (email is best). Once you have opened the package, shake the costume and and hang it to reshape somewhat. It is best to leave the costume hung and even put it in your bathroom while showering as the steam will help relax the wrinkles from packaging.

Regarding Pictures provide by the Manufacturers: We are not responsible for pictures provided by the manufacturer. Costumes can change after photography due to availability of trims/materials. If in doubt email a list of questions to the office and do not order unless you understand this.

School Purchase Orders: We do NOT accept School Purchase Orders.  We are happy to invoice the school for a school check prepayment. We will accept school check, however, the check must clear before shipment. If any school order is cancelled after receipt and deposit of the check, then we ONLY offer a store credit and do not offer refund by check.

Any returned check for any reason will be charged a $35.00 fee or the maximum allowed by law.  Please allow a minimum of 1 week up to 3 weeks for clearance confirmation.

We reserve the right to refuse an order from anyone for any reason.

MERCHANT CHARGE BACKS (Credit Card Disputes)

Any & All questions should be directed to This Office IN WRITING and not your credit card service as any fraudulent or invalid merchant charge-back fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Further, purchaser is responsible for all cost of collection (including the collection agency fees) and all cost related to enforcing the terms and conditions as herein outlined. By completing an order online, you are clearly indicating your agreement to our terms & conditions, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees.

All credit card disputes not placed through pay pal and that are placed directly with your credit card company before contacting us will incur a $25.00 back-charge fee on top of all fees back-charged to us by the credit card company. All unpaid balances will accumulate late fees of $25.00 per month and interest at the maximum allowed by law.

Any and all legal proceeding to collect any illegal charge back, Federal Express charge backs including but not limited to address corrections, re-direct charge backs, Federal Express intercept charge backs, Federal Express return shipping charge backs, restocking charges, etc.....will be filed in Highlands County Florida and you agree to litigate in Sebring, Florida.

All credit card companies and Pay Pal do not permit shipment to any address other than the confirmed address of the credit card or Pay Pal Account.

Since we use Pay Pal as our credit card merchant, only orders over $500.00 will require a signature.

Should you PAY BY MONEY ORDER all Money Orders must clear before shipment. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for clearance after received/deposited.

Please clearly understand that the invoice will only be emailed to you in an effort to reduce wasting paper.

We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.

This website is subject to errors and omissions.

For any questions or clarification:
email: unitedmask@earthlink.net 
Phone: 863-655-6275 

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*Note......terms & conditions are subject to change and updating, errors and omissions. If you have any specific questions not herein addressed, please feel free to email so we may respond in writing for your questions. We only want happy customers who understand our terms & conditions!